TITIKA 100 Fit Women 2020

TITIKA 100 Fit Women 2020

featured participants

2020 is a very special year to all of us. Many of us had to stay home for a long time. From June to August, TITIKA has called on  women all over the world to  participate TITIKA 100 Fit Women Campaign. We have received hundreds of  submissions. 

Thank you all for staying active and positive! Let's get to know our featured participants here. 


Ontario, Canada

Meet Canadian Kelsey! Her favourite spots are ones you can explore the most! She has been to 25 countries and hopes to get to 30 countries by the age of 30.

Melody Rose 文渃琋

Hong Kong

Photo: International Commerce Center, West Kowloon, Hong Kong (The tallest architecture in Hong Kong)

Hello my name is Melody Rose, and I’m from HK. I am a pole dance instructor and an entrepreneur. In my spare time, I like to play with my cats, explore new vegetarian restaurants, learn random things that will help me develop my business: photography, web development, design, drawing….. etc. My favorite spot in Hong Kong is definitely my Pole studios. There are so many people here working hard chasing their dreams and influence me with their positive energy. It’s a place where Pole dance stars are made and it’s a place where we know dreams can come true. And West Kowloon Park is my second favorite place in Hong Kong. It is animal friendly. I get to chill, relax, think, and have some nice food there.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

My name is Sade and I am gonna take you guys along to one of my favourite places, which is actually Montreal's landmark.

So right now we are at Saint Joseph's Oratory and it's one of my favourite places because it takes me back to my childhood. It also has a such beautiful view especially at sunset, and it is also great for workout because it has tons of stairs and at the top you can mediate if you want to. Even though Montreal has many festivals and events in summer time, bunches of things going on, this is still one of my go-to places.


Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Hi I am Xixi, I do workout everyday. Keeping exercise is not just about good health and body shape, but also for spiritual pursuit. Everyone has a great self hidden in their heart. As long as you stay positive and optimistic, there is no ambition you can not reach.


Boulder, Colorado, United States

Hi, my name is Ashley, welcome to Boulder Colorado, let me go show you around a little bit. First stop is Boulder Creek. Where do I want to go next, that's hard, maybe? That's the next stop is. Colorado has pretty sunset, look at it! Pretty sure I convinced you to move here, am I right? See you soon.



Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Hi, my name is Chantelle, As a barre instructor I am overjoyed with being able to inspire women each day to achieve their fitness and wellness goals! I am so lucky to work in an industry where I get to connect with so many wonderful people daily! Getting to do what I love each and everyday makes me so happy and encourages me to want to keep learning and growing to becomes the best version of myself I can be!

Vesta Ko

Hong Kong

Photo: New Territories, Hong Kong

Job: Instagrammer, certified yoga teacher and co-founder of a bootyband brand called @peachybootyband


Zhuji, Zhejiang, China

Hi everyone, I am Xibao from Zhuji, China. My biggest hobby is travelling all over the world. Relaxing in nature and different culture is the best rest for my body and mind. TITIKA has been with me during the journeys, and I will continue to explore more.