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International Women's Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, we are shining the light on ladies that possess incredible strength and resilience while uplifting and supporting women around them. This movement started on social media highlighting our #TitikaGirls and asking women to tag the most admirable women in their lives. This Women’s Day we want to set precedent to unite women and collectively celebrate each other.

With recent media drawing to light hidden narratives, the strength and courage women are displaying to stand up and speak up is incredibly admirable. Now more than ever, there is a calling for support from women everywhere. May we always choose to empower and support women in the pursuit of change. Let’s face it, historically speaking nothing can bring change like the rally of united voices.

We have chosen to further celebrate three women we admire greatly by sharing their journeys of overcoming barriers and blazing their own trails in the pursuit of their passions. We think they’re awesome and we know you will too! #PressForProgress.

Bonita Chan

Bonita is a kind hearted hard-working entrepreneur living in the quaint scenic town of Deep River Ontario. During a hectic time in Bonita’s life she chose to search for something beyond her career and committed to a Yoga Teacher Training that would feed her courage, clarity, and enlightenment. After setting on this journey Bonita decided she wanted to work for herself and pursue the new-found passion that changed her life for the better. With no connections, experiences, or investments Bonita started up her company Traveling Mat Yoga in a new community without knowing a single soul aside from her partner’s family. Bonita is a perfect example of a woman who knew what she wanted and took charge of her life in the pursuit of her goals. Not to mention a woman who has found a passion in elevating those to find inner peace and celebrate themselves through the art of yoga.

Words for #WD2018: "May we continue to raise awareness for women's rights through support, love and collaboration. We are all changemakers that can continue to contribute to a day like today where women's voices and achievements are celebrated because of our collective efforts to push each other forward"- Bonita

Instagram: @traveling.mat


Mariela Burkett

Mariela is a coach, personal trainer, fitness professional, athlete, cancer survivor, and mother of two. She has worked in the fitness industry 11+ years and cites her profession for helping her kick cancer’s A$$! Mariela is a fierce individual who doesn’t take herself too seriously and has fought the odds and won while working continuously to give back to those searching for a cure. She is not only dedicated to helping women become the healthiest version of themselves but also to providing financial support for cancer patients and their families by hosting annual and semi-annual “Survivor Boot Camps”. Burkett is a prime example of someone who doesn’t see defeat as an option and greets each day with a grateful heart, beaming confidence, and an “own it” mentality.

Words for #WD2018: "Be You! You are smart. You are beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to others. Rock the sh*t out of anything you wear or do. Stay authentic" -




Simona is a driven entrepreneur and the woman behind WellFit. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 6 years and cites her driving force as the success of others by motivating clients to break free of their comfort zones and achieve optimal results. Simona is an example of a woman who relentlessly works to support and help women reach their goals while acting as a role model for all to be comfortable in their own skin and not let anything hold you back from achieving your goals. Breaking stigmas that have been surrounding women, especially regarding body image and fitness is something Simona feels passionate about and works hard to shift paradigms proving to women that strong is the new beautiful. Simona aims to empower women through her profession allowing them to change their lifestyles and take charge of their health.

Words for #WD2018: "As a fitness trainer, it is my goal to empower women through exercise by eradicating stigmas associated with women lifting weights. We need to shift away from the paradigm that lifting weights will make women bulky. Lifting weights makes us strong and strong is the new beautiful!" - @wellfitbysim

Instagram: @wellfitbysim’

This #WD2018 let’s celebrate courage and greatness in every woman in the world as we stand united and push each other forward. We’ve shed light on a few of the amazing women we admire. Now it’s your turn - who do you look up to?

Happy International Women’s Day!