Hello everyone,

I've always been the type of person who loves being active, moving the body left and right, kicking and punching in hopes of getting a great workout, but also cleansing the mind and soul from any toxins. Ever since my childhood that has been my favorite way to let go, be free and build a strong body that can take on anything. It's rejuvenating!!! My secret ingredient to leading a happy fulfilling life. 

Trust me, getting in a workout at the beginning of the day is a total life changer!!! It teaches you discipline, proves you that you're stronger than you could ever imagine, gives you all the right tools to be the leader of your own life and it's so fun. Yep, real FUN... you can mix-up different exercises, play a sport , take on a hike outdoors. So many ways to disconnect from everything and just make this time all about YOU and your well-being. That's what we need in this hectic, fast-pace time, where you're focusing on so many different things that can easily distract you from what's really important. Don't you agree? 

The only thing that has changed is now I take into account what I wear when heading for a workout. I like to look good and feel comfortable, while I'm out there sweating, giving it my all. Because the way a pair of red pumps make me feel on a night out, the same way I want my workout gear to make me feel when exercising. Thankfully, I've found the brand that fits everything I'm looking for and beyond. It's VERSATILE. ACTIVE. LIFE. called TITIKA.

An active couture brand made to take you beyond the yoga studios. Ready to be worn to the movies, a girls night out or anywhere the day/night might take you. Athleisure style at its FINEST!

For me it's very important to wear breathable pieces, which easily allow me to move from one exercise to the next. Plus, of course something with beautiful details, appealing to the eye. That's why this set of bra and leggings are my go to. They completely check off everything I have ever wanted in a workout duo. 

The light rosy bra, which can be worn as a bralette for other activities outside the gym with this pretty back straps detail. Add a cute cardigan or kimono and you've got yourself a completely new look. Even the classic leather or denim jacket would look awesome on. It's all up to you! 

If you know me, you would know I love cool, edgy funky leggings that I can wear with my heels, tee and blazer later on. Leggings that give the look of sleek pants with back pockets and strappy front detailing. A high-waisted model made to make a statement anywhere you go. 

What's your favorite way to start the day? (Watching TV and eating doesn't count)! hahaha Something that gets your heart pumping, your energy going and your soul smiling?! 

I enjoy running, playing sports! I recently got into kick-boxing and, ohh my, it's the best, like a cup of coffee that kicks in. I completely surrender to the moment!




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