TITIKAxME | Carrie Schechter

TITIKAxME | Carrie Schechter

Kicking butt and taking names, Carrie Schechter is New York City’s very own multitalented badass. From teaching kickboxing at her studio Rise Brooklyn to taking editorial quality pics as a pro photographer, this T-Girl is the literal definition of Versatile. Active. Life. 

TITIKA has partnered with Carrie over the months and we think she’s pretty great – you will too!

Creator of RISE Brooklyn Fitness, Carrie is known for her non-stop, heart pumping, one-of-a-kind classes. Carrie's background in fitness, wellness and nutrition helps her students live a healthy lifestyle in every way she can. About to launch her own fitness channel, there are huge things on the horizon for her and all those that want to join her to get fit. When not in the dojo or gym, Carrie spends her time as a photographer specializing in celebrity, fitness and advertising portraiture.

It is about embracing a healthy lifestyle—Mind, Body and Spirit.


You might be the busiest person on the planet, can you describe a “typical” day in your life?

A typical day for me starts at 3:50am. I hit snooze a few times, eat breakfast, get some emails done, and pick my posts for social media for the day. I open my program Rise Brooklyn Fitness at 5:45am and teach 4 hours back to back, kickboxing, muay thai and boot camp. Usually 1 day a week I do some fitness modeling, otherwise it’s the business end of Rise or shooting celebs or models. By around 5/6pm I’m back in leggings and headed to the gym to teach more kickboxing and get some Muay Thai training in. I’m home round 10/11 at night, get a quick catnap around 12-3:50 — and I do it all over again.

You’re dead longer than you’re alive so I don’t really sleep much, I want to enjoy every second I have on this planet.


What has been the most rewarding moment as a kickboxing instructor?

Seeing students do things they either didn't think they could do or couldn't do a week ago fills my heart with joy. Watching them stand up taller, have confidence, ask for that raise, quit that job, run that marathon, fit into those pants from a few years ago, reach their goals, seeing them glow. I love seeing them succeed. That joy that they feel — is everything.

Also I don’t want people to be victims, I want them to know how to defend themselves or their family/friends if need be.


What are your favorite TITIKA items to wear when sparring and training?

The bras are by far my favorite - I don’t even know if I can pick just one. TITIKA bras hold me in place AND keep my shape (honestly I feel they enhance my shape), I feel sexy and confident. I receive compliments everywhere I go. And I’ve made some new friends since I can’t even walk down the street without people stopping me to ask about my outfits!


You live life at full blast, which three songs get you through your workouts?

This is a toughie, my boyfriend is a DJ so I pretty much just play his mixes. They’re ridiculously heart pumping. I’d say Don’t Let Me Down - remix of chain smokers with Konshens. Buju Banton - Champion.  Anything Vybz Kartel usually gets them jumping as well.


Whether you’re in a super populated city or tiny town, it’s so important for all women to know how to protect themselves. Can you share two vital self-defense tips that women should know?

In my opinion most importantly remember these 3 words - Hard To Soft

You’re elbows are the strongest bone in your body, your fists, knees, shins, all hard — hit the person in their soft areas: groin, eyes, nose, throat, knees. Don’t stop — keep pinching, kicking, hitting, elbowing until you get away.

Scream FIRE, not “help”. I have friends that have called 911 in Brooklyn at night when they heard a woman screaming and 911 told them to call back if it continued and sent no one. But when you yell FIRE, people are worried about themselves about their belongings, people will look out a window and 911 will dispatch help immediately.

At TITIKA we believe in living your most Versatile. Active. Life. What’s your motto?

Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny. (Not sure who said that but I love it) Anything and everything is possible.


Lastly, what do you want for yourself in 5 years’ time?

I expect the channel to be doing very well in 5 years and I see a lot of travel doing workshops and also trying different fighting & fitness styles around the world while wearing awesome Titika outfits. I am excited to be able to connect to so many people. I see it branching off in many directions and I’m excited for the mystery and adventure that’s starting. Although I choose a direction and set goals, I’ve always lived by the gypsy code for the most part. The only plan is no plan. Life is more spontaneous when we're less attached to its outcomes. No limits.


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