TITIKAXME | Margaux Brissiaud

TITIKAXME | Margaux Brissiaud

An accomplished Pole dancer, an aspiring designer who has a master degree from the renowned Istituto Marangoni, in Milan, Italy; and to top it off, speaks 6 languages. Margaux is not your typical overachiever. She is a relentless dreamer and in this blog, she shares her story and journey to chase her dream to become a successful fashion designer.


 You have quite an interesting background. Can you tell us more?

I was born in Brazil, but raised by my adoptive French family in London, UK. Thanks to my dad’s job, I grew up travelling the world including Singapore and New York. I later did my BA at McGill, (Montreal, Canada) and my Master Degree in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni (Milan, Italy). Aye... I know... I was born under a lucky star!

When did you decide and how did you find your calling to become a fashion designer?

I accidentally discovered a costume course when I was at McGill. This class was the discovery of my life! I adored the subject and the teacher, Catherine Bradley. I never felt so passionate about something. Post McGill, I wanted to become a costume designer, but my parents convinced me to go into Fashion instead. I am glad I went into Fashion Design as I discovered my calling for activewear.

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What does it take if someone is interested in getting into fashion design?

It takes a lot of believing in you. There will always be people who are amazing at it, even better than you.  You need to find your strengths and focus on that.              

What is your typical day like?

I pole every morning and I focus on fashion research in the afternoon. I recently re-located from Canada to Switzerland. I am looking for a designer role in Europe or Brazil in the meantime.

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What is your favorite healthy recipe?

I am a lazy cook, even though I will challenge myself from time to time. For a healthy recipe, I will go with eggs and avocado on top of a salad.              

Secret indulgence?

I cannot live without chocolate! I love Lindt’s 70% Crunchy Cacao in Canada;  or in Switzerland, Villars Pur Chocolat Suisse Black with almonds!          

Why did you start pole dancing?

I always loved to dance.  I heard pole is a great blend of gymnastics, contortion and dance style of your choice! I tried for the 1st time in 2012 and have been hooked since. I love pole so much that I am now an instructor to share the sports with others.            

Favorite music when working out?

I love Spotify and am always discovering new beats. I love their playlists under the workout category.   


What is the biggest satisfaction you get from being a trainer?

I definitely love seeing my students achieve things they thought not possible!  I also love seeing their confidence and dance attitude grow day by day. Creating choreography is also one of my passions. I love doing that for my classes.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is a tough question. I don’t know where I will be in 5 years and it will be hard to say where I will work. One thing for certain, I will remain in fashion design and hopefully in sportswear. I see myself still competing or teaching in pole dance since I love the sports so much.

Who inspires you?

Anastasia Sokolova! She is a self taught Ukrainian Pole dancer who founded her own pole dance school and pole dance brand in Ukraine after winning Ukraine Got Talent. She travels the world and shares her passion with other fellow pole lovers through workshops and classes. She manages to balance work and her passion so well. To me, she is such a great example of a successful female entrepreneur.            

What is the one quote that keeps you going?

I know it’s cheesy, but “Try to reach for the moon and if you miss it you will end up among the stars.” 

If you have not become a designer, what would you be?

An athlete.

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