The TITIKA Challenge Rules

Rules & Regulations  

A. Eligibility

  • One year program: students are not eligible
  • Two-year program: 2nd year students are eligible
  • Three-and-four-year program: 2nd and 3rd year students are eligible

Note: Each school must name a competition representative (either a teacher or fashion department administrator) who will ensure the eligibility and coordinate all activities for their school.

B. Sketches

  • Participating students are asked to produce a sketch of the active wear collection reflecting the theme.
  • Students are to design an active wear collection for a woman who falls in the following demographics.
    • 25 to 45 years old
    • Affluent (avg. household income over $100,000/year)
    • Fashionable
    • Active – works out 3 times a week or more.
    • Buys in high-end stores
  • The active wear must be designed for introduction in spring of 2022.
  • Each school may submit a maximum of 5 sketches that best represents the theme and criteria.
  • The sketches will then be judged by the jury panel comprised of distinguished professionals from the Canadian fashion industry.

C. Sketch Presentation

  • A pdf folder will be presented containing the following:
  • An 11” X 14” colour illustration storyboard. The illustration storyboard must be neat, and easy to understand.

  • A 5-piece collection will be sketched initially to include: one pair of leggings, a short or skort, a bra, a top and a jacket. The participant may include an additional piece, which would co-ordinate with the 5-piece collection. This additional garment is left at the designer’s discretion and will be the ‘surprise’ element of the collection.

  • The detailed sketch of each individual piece.

  • A write up, in 30 words or less, of the source of inspiration, linking it to the theme,
  • A photo of your chosen fabric(s). The name of the fabric, style and colour number are also required next to the chosen fabric(s).
  • Clear indication of what fabric is used for which garment or part of the garment.
  • The expected number of meters to be used for each fabric selected must be indicated next to the chosen fabric.
  • Workshop/technical drawings should be submitted separately.
  • The student’s name should be in block letters on the folder and each file within the folder.

Important: Do not identify the name of the school on the folder or the files within it

D. Submission of Sketches

  • Please email all sketch folders to:
  • Each school representative will be responsible to send the selected collection sketches, a maximum of 5, by email to Titika.

    The sketches must be at TITIKA’s headquarters by April 30, 2021.

  • The 12 finalists will be announced to the schools on May 22, 2021 immediately after the jury panel has rendered its decision. The results will also be posted on our Website, Blog and Competition Facebook page, and an official letter will be sent to the school representatives.
  • The Sketch evaluation criteria can be found in Appendix A of this document.

E. Production of the Outfit

  • The 12 selected finalists will be asked to produce their garment.
  • TITIKA will allocate a maximum total of 8 meters of fabric per student.
  • Finalists are encouraged to take pictures or videos of their creation/production process and to send them to TITIKA. The marketing staff at TITIKA will post some ‘behind the scenes’ blog articles highlighting the finalists’ work. This will surely entice media interest.

F. Size Specifications

The outfits must fit a size 4-6 model with measurements as follows:

  • Bust: 33”- 34”
  • Waist: 25”- 26”
  • Hips: 35”- 36”
  • Height: 5’9”- 5’10”

Note: It is critical to respect these measurements.

G. Fabric Selection

  • TITIKA will offer 26 number of fabric/colour SKUs to choose from.
  • One fabric sample bundle per school will be distributed in the introductory package. Please take this into consideration when cutting the swatches for the students. No other fabric samples will be distributed.
  • Students must advise their school representative of the combination and total amount of fabric(s) they require.
  • A combination of fabrics is permitted as long as the total amount does not exceed the 8 allowable meters per student. Students may not offer to purchase any additional fabrics from TITIKA or its fabric source.
  • The school representative will submit the total requirements for each fabric to TITIKA by June 15, 2021.
  • Trims, notions, and linings are the responsibility of the student.

H. Shipment of Garments

Shipping Address

TITIKA Active Couture
620 Alden Road. Suite 107
Markham, Ontario
L3R 3L5
C/O Eileen Zhang
  • School representatives will be responsible for submitting the finished garments to TITIKA.
  • All garments must be shipped on sturdy hangers and in a black nylon garment bag.
  • The garments must be photographed on a model or mannequin in a simple and clear manner.
  • The Garment Bag Information Sheet (to be distributed to finalists) must be inserted in a plastic sheet protector and firmly attached to the garment bag.
  • Original hangers and/or garment bags may not be returned.
  • Please clearly indicate on the shipping label “The TITIKA Challenge”.
  • Finished garments must be in TITIKA's offices no later than September 30, 2021, 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • The 5 garments awarded with a scholarship will remain at TITIKA for media coverage for at least 2 months. They may be returned sooner. This is contingent on media coverage requirements.
  • Please do not send any type of shoes or jewelry.

Note: TITIKA will contact all school representatives on a regular basis with reminders and specific instructions.

I. Garment Evaluation Criteria

    • Creativity 40%
    • Technical Quality 30%
    • Adherence to Theme 30%

    Refer to the table in the appendix of this document for more detailed information on how the garment will be evaluated by the jury.

    J. Scholarship Breakdown

    • Overall Winner - $5,000
    • Winner among Canadian fashion schools - $2,000
    • Winner among Chinese fashion schools - $2,000
    • Creative Mention - $500
    • Technical Mention - $500

     Appendix A 

    Sketch Evaluation Criteria

    A. Creativity - 40%

    Innovation and originality

    • Is the design original and unique?

    • Are the fabrics used in a creative manner?

    Visual Presentation

    • Are the sketches appealing?

    • Is there a clear sense of the design and style?

    Combination of fabrics

    • Is the choice of fabrics appropriate for each garment?

    • Do the fabrics chosen work well together?

     B. Technical Quality – 30%

    Technical Drawings

    • Do the sketches present feasible garments?

    • Are the technical drawings clear and neat?

    • Are all requirements of information present?

      • 11”x14” illustration

      • Sketches for each garment in the collection.

      • 30 word write up

      • A photo of your chosen fabric(s), including the name of the fabric, style and colour number

      • Clear indication of what fabric is used for which garment or part of the garment.

      • The expected number of meters to be used for each fabric selected.

      • Workshop drawings

    C. Adherence to the theme – 30%


    • Does the design clearly reflect the theme?

    • Is the design suitable for the woman described?

    • Is the design appropriate for the Spring/Summer season 2022?

    • Is the design marketable, does it have commercial viability?

    • Is the collection in harmony with the colour palette?

    • Is the collection wearable and can it be sold in a high-end retail store?

    Appendix B

    Garment Evaluation Criteria

    Creativity – 40%


    • Level of originality and uniqueness in the collection

    • Is it appealing


    • Does the collection portray a high-end outfit?

    • Is it targeted to the correct customer?

    Use of fabric

    • Are the fabrics used in a creative manner?

     Technical Quality – 30%


    • Do the garments adhere to the size specifications?


    • Do the garments adhere to the standard proportions?

    • Do they have hanger appeal?


    • Is the cut flattering for most body types?


    • Are the garments well finished?

    • Are they free of loose threads?

    • Are hems clean and well finished?

    Design complexity

    • Does the design adhere to the initial sketches?

    • Do the details to the garments enhance the design?

    • Are the garments sufficiently complex?


    • Is the choice of fabric appropriate for the type of garments?

    • Does the combination of fabrics work well together?


    • Are trims and notions sewn on well?
    • Do they enhance the garments?
    • Do they respect the colour palette?

    Theme – 30%

    Respecting the theme

    • Do the garments clearly reflect the theme of Hope?

    • Are the garments suitable for the woman targeted?

    • Are the garments appropriate for the Spring/Summer season 2022?

    • Are the garments commercially viable?

    • Do the garments work with the colour palette?

    • Can the garments be sold in a high-end retail store?

    Appendix C 

    Media Information Sheet

    Please complete this form and email to TITIKA by July 30, 2021

    Finalists Name:

    Given Name:

    Family Name:

    Fashion School

    Contact Information

    Current Address:

    Mobile Phone:

    Personal email:



    Past (if any):

    Employment (relevant to the fashion industry)

    Awards and scholarships

    Other competitions

    Fun facts about the finalist