An Outfit For Every Resolution

An Outfit For Every Resolution

For every standard resolution there is an equal style resolution. A new year often means new beginnings, new opportunities, and new goals! Check out our outfits for each of your resolutions; because let’s face it, the right outfit can give you even more motivation.

Now let’s crush those New Year’s Resolutions in style!

Be Present- Body & Mind
Everyone has some sort of fitness resolution, go to the gym January 1st if you don’t believe us. Whether you’re focusing on your overall health or trying to break a sweat more frequently, yoga is the answer! It can be done at home or at a studio and it’s a great exercise for not only the body, but the mind. This fun patterned crop top and matching leggings is the perfect outfit for hot yoga with side ventilation, moisture wicking and breathable fabric. This fabric also has 4-way stretch, allowing you to twist and bend into each and every position.

Go ahead girl, get your downward dog on!

Bella Light Impact Performance Top $58 CAD

Lucky Mono Pix Graphic Legging $86 CAD

Get Fit

Stepping into the gym after a long time away can be intimidating - but not when you feel good and your outfit is on point! Fashion meets function with these edgy high-rise leggings and lightweight mesh top. This outfit is ideal for all activities with moisture wicking properties to keep you dry during high intensity workouts and 4-way stretch for optimal movability when it comes time to stretch it out. Now all you need is a water bottle- don’t pretend like drinking more water this year wasn’t your resolution!




Advance your career

This outfit is perfect for networking and having the confidence to pitch all your great ideas! Ladies, it is possible, we have combined comfort with stylish smart classic looks. Time to put on your boss pants and make 2018 your year! Check out our Keyshawn Leggings that shine just bright as your resume. These high waisted trouser fit leggings will ensure you are not only a knockout but a standout too! Pair them with our Odesa Blazer and Agatha Sweater and you have a versatile outfit great for the office while still being fun enough to wear for a night hour. Let the happy hours begin!


Odesa Blazer $138 CAD

Agatha Sweater $98 CAD

Keyshawn Leggings $68 USD

Self-Care isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay. Every woman should take some time for herself to relax and treat herself! This outfit is inspired by those sacred nights in when you grab your comfiest sweatshirt and sweatpants, put your hair up, and get into those #SundayVibes! Dedicate the night to whatever you want - from spa night, to reading that book you haven’t had the chance to open, binging 3 seasons of a Netflix series, or calling your girlfriends over for wine and venting- the world is yours!

Power Graphic Tank $48 USD

E Cozy Sweater $138 USD

Revolution Jogger $88 USD

There you have it, four resolutions with an equal style resolution. Let’s make 2018 a year to love ourselves more, find joy in the smallest of things, and greet everyday with a grateful heart for each opportunity to grow and become better than we were yesterday.