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How To Wear: Athleisure

At this point, it is safe to assume that everyone has heard of the athleisure trend.  At Titika, we are big fans of the trend - outfits for work to play? Literally our aesthetic. If you have not heard the term athleisure, you may have heard of its other names, “apres-sport”, or “gym-to-the-office”.


Athleisure covers the big “c’s” Chic and Comfortable.  When speaking with shoppers and style connoisseurs, the biggest problem that many people face when dressing athleisure, is finding the balance between comfortable and sloppy. From joggers to sweaters and oversized knits, improper layering can change this chic attire into a hot mess.


When creating pieces made for athleisure attire, the design purpose is to blur the lines between active and workwear to seamlessly blend the two into one unified look.


If delving into Athleisure for the first time, figuring out your first look can be challenging. Follow our five tips to Athleisure for a refined and chic interpretation of Athleisure.


 we recommend starting simple -  neutral colors and simple palettes. Until you are comfortable, stick to the classic statement colors, black, beige, white, grey.


Dani Goddard of GirlsOfTO embraced Athleisure style with not one but two athleisure looks for the modern girl. Pairing the Seya Legging with the Petal bomber, and a mesh bag, Dani keeps her sneakers close as she walks to work in knee high boots, but is ready to change into her favorite sneakers when she is at the gym.


Head to GirlsOfTO for more Dani’s full story, but in the meantime shop her looks!