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TITIKA Active Couture

Central Short Tee

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Color — Moss Gray
Size — XS
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Product details

Central Short Tee

Redesign your activewear essentials with our Central Short Tee. Crafted from high-end eco-friendly sports fabric, this tee is a rebellion against the ordinary. The fabric is a rebel in itself - soft, skin-friendly, and standing resilient against wrinkles, pilling, and deformation, promising a lasting, rebellious fit.

Designer Notes:

  • High-End Eco-Friendly Sports Fabric: Luxuriously soft, skin-friendly, and defying wrinkles, pilling, and deformation for an enduring rebellious comfort.
  • Negative Ion Antibacterial Technology: Battles bacterial growth, ensuring a fresh rebellion against odors.
  • Basic Straight-Style Design: Effortlessly rebellious and versatile, fit for all seasons and occasions.
  • Pairing Suggestion: Rock the rebel look with TITIKA's Just Peachy II Leggings.


    • Underarm Breathable Mesh: Stay cool and dry during fierce workouts with rebellious breathability.
    • Classic Round Neck: A timeless rebellion, easily paired with any outfit.
    • Reflective Logo on the Chest: Amplify your presence during nighttime rebellions with a reflective logo.
    • Tear-Off Tag: Enjoy added comfort with a hassle-free tag removal, because rebels demand comfort.

    Unleash the rebellion within with the Central Short Tee – where every stitch tells a tale of defiance and style for the modern woman.


    • Moss Gray: 38T211037714
    • Dusty Rose: 38T211039934


      • 81% Nylon
      • 19% Spandex
      Central Short Tee

      Fabric Technology


      Here at TITIKA we are excited and pumped to be a part of a team that produces goods with the highest standards in production quality, all while doing so ethically! Unlike many apparel companies, we own and manage our own production facility abroad. This means that our production house is staffed with TITIKA employees, which most importantly allows us to provide top-of-line benefits and ethical working conditions for our staff. We have an amazing team that loves what they do, starting from our production facility to our stores. We pride ourselves in our outstanding quality inspection and attention to every detail. This process is managed by some of the finest, experienced tailors in the world.

      The TITIKA production team abroad communicates daily with the Canadian design team to maintain a consistent and close relationship. This strong and fluid communication flow speeds the production process and allows for the arrival of fresh new product to our stores every two weeks. The flexibility in production keeps our retail stores fresh, unique and always evolving.

      We assure that the newest technology is sewn into every garment. Fine fabrics and laser welding machinery are some of the many tools that help to drive our success. With that said, we are proud to say that TITIKA is quickly being recognized in the industry as having a leading, cutting edge in the athleisure marketplace.

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      Size Chart


      Alpha XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
      Band size 28-30 30-32 32-34 34-36 36-38 38-40 40-42
      Numeric 0 2 4 6 8 10 12


      Size Bust
      0/XS 28 1/2"
      2/S 30"
      4/M 32"
      6/L 34"
      8/XL 36"
      10/XXL 38"
      12/XXXL 40"
      14 42"


      Size Waist Hip

      Standard Length

      Tall Length
      0/XS 21" 32" 28" -
      2/S 23" 33" 28" 32"
      4/M 25" 35" 28" 32"
      6/L 27" 37" 28" 32"
      8/XL 29" 39" 28" 32"
      10/XXL 31" 41" 28" 32"
      12/XXXL 33" 42" 28" 32"